SPLURGE! at Happy Ending is a monthly comedy event featuring stand-up and musical comedy from New York's most exciting talent. Every month will bring the premiere of a new short comedic film, and each show will close with host Carolyn Castiglia's hilarious signature freestyle rap.

Splurge! Go ahead, it's free.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

S.A.D. is now online!

Every month at Splurge! we premiere a brand new video. Here's February's premiere, S.A.D., by CKC (Carolyn Castiglia), TMC (Tom McCaffrey) and Beena Steena (Mara Herron), directed by Anya Garrett. Feeling depressed since the groundhog saw his shadow? Spend the next six weeks of winter cranking this and you'll be fine.

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